DineCore - Online Restaurant Reservation, Carry Out and Product Orders and Gift Card shopping Platform

About Us

DineCore – a software platform designed to be at the core of fine dining experience. It not only uses the latest technology, but also the features restaurant management and diners really care about. Developed by Dublin-based company Cybervation, Inc., a company with nearly a 20-year history of developing sophisticated business software systems, it is a compellingly tasteful offer for both restaurant and bar management.

DineCore contains the essential ingredients for enhanced customer experience and combines them into a single, irresistible platter of precious, delicious Data. It provides freshly picked online Reservations, savory Gift Cards (Standard and Digital), mouth-watering Carry Out Orders, topped with zesty Merchandising.

Our robust platform and data analytics experience will seamlessly connect all of your divine data through our easy-to-use, fully-flavored interfaces.

We craft this all for you along with the best side dishes of heavenly Hosting, rich Search Engine Optimization and scrumptuous Website Maintenance.

Delivering the best dining management experience is our delight! Won’t you join us today?